The original buildings were established in the 1800’s and were used as the Residence of the Magistrate. During the Anglo-Boer War the buildings were burnt down. After the war, the buildings were rebuilt and used as the Drostdy until the late 1980’s. The buildings were uninhabited for approximately 15 years and was left to ruins and a lurking-place for loiterers.

After 15 years of negotiating, Gert and Wilna Jacobs bought the premises in 1999 and they started restoration immediately.

In the following year, the railway buildings and goods sheds were bought from Spoornet, as well as old farm houses and schools from the district. All the buildings were demolished and rebuilt at the Old Drostdy. 

In February 2017 Drostdy Village was almost destroyed by a flood. It has since been rebuilt and restored.